Schools attempting to improve LGBTQI+ community work

Posted: 26th September 2022

A study by the charity Just Like Us reveals that adults from the LGBTQI+ community are half as likely as others to have positive memories of school. The survey found that a quarter of those polled said they had had few or no friends at school, and more than half said they had had no role models to look up to at the time. LGBTQI+ people were also more than twice as likely as other people to have experienced loneliness in their school years. However, The Sunday Times looks at how schools in Scotland are attempting to embed LGBTQI+ inclusive education across the curriculum, meaning that teaching an LGBTQI+ inclusive curriculum is compulsory in all its schools. Pupils at Morrison’s Academy, a co-ed independent school in Perthshire, engage with weekly “learning for life” lessons, a programme covering life skills, health and wellbeing. Gillian Mowat, a member of the school’s pastoral team, said: “We aim to ensure that our lessons normalise gender and sexual diversities. In addition we have recently invested in a wide range of books and digital resources which support this curriculum. These offer pupils a chance to explore sexuality and gender identity independently through the media of fiction and non- fiction materials.”

Source: Pupils take Pride in their work | Scotland | The Sunday Times (

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