Private school quizzes parents on gender identity

Posted: 17th October 2022

Fettes College, which charges up to £39,990 per year, said the survey was ordered for the school to become ‘truly inclusive’

A survey sent out to parents at Fettes College, one of Scotland’s most exclusive private schools, asks parents to state whether they consider themselves to be something other than a male or female and to select their sexuality from a list of eight possible options. Fettes says the survey was ordered after research showed improvements were needed if the school is to become “truly inclusive”. Under its diversity and inclusion policy, Fettes commits to working with Inclusion Labs, which runs school programmes, in its bid to “embed inclusion”. The survey is the first of a four-step programme that will see a customised action plan drawn up for Fettes, with the school expected to hit “challenging goals”. A spokeswoman for Fettes College said: “The results will show us what we are doing well and highlight any areas for development.”

Source: Private school in Scotland quizzes parents on their sexuality and gender identity (

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