Almost half of teens are sent unwanted sexual images online

Posted: 18th October 2022

Almost half of 16-year-olds have been sent unwanted sexually explicit pictures, photos or videos online, according to a new study. However, just under a fifth of boys regard posting a joke or nasty comments of a sexual nature on social media as “sometimes acceptable”. This is according to responses from a sample of over 1,000 16-year-olds. It is part of research contributing to the first Stormont strategy on ending violence against women and girls. More than nine in 10 said they had experienced at least one of 18 named “violent acts and behaviours”. The research also suggests that LGBT young people were more likely to face things like unwanted comments about their physical appearance or verbal threats or abuse. Those with disabilities were more likely to have experienced “coercive control” – belittling or controlling behaviour by a partner or family member.

Source: BBC News  

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