MPs set up biology unit to scrutinise gender policies

Posted: 24th October 2022

Politicians, including Rosie Duffield, the Labour MP, Joanna Cherry, an SNP MP, and Baroness Jenkin, a Conservative peer, are supporting the launch of a biology policy unit as part of efforts to stop gender identity ideology “compromising” women’s and children’s rights. The MPs have joined forces to help ensure policies across the public sector that are based on gender identity theory are documented and scrutinised. The politicians are championing the unit at Policy Exchange, an influential think tank, which will document the widespread adoption of policies based on gender identity theory across health, education, the criminal justice system, sport and the workplace. It comes after some schools introduced unisex lavatories acting on advice from groups that say it is “best practice” under the Equality Act. However, in August, Suella Braverman, the former Attorney General, said schools that only offer gender-neutral lavatories are acting unlawfully.
Source: The Sunday Telegraph  

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