More help needed to protect children from online harm

Posted: 16th November 2022

BBC News looks at the growing concern that UK schools do not have the necessary resources and knowledge to help parents protect children from online harm or to identify those who are at risk. Marie Collins Foundation, a charity that supports victims of technology-assisted child sexual abuse and exploitation, says they have seen a growing number of cases in recent years, as more and more abusers turn to online platforms to find their victims. Vicki Green, chief executive, said there should be a “realistic understanding” of the capacity within schools. She said: “That’s for the DfE. Are they funding schools enough? I think the bottom line is that schools don’t have the time or the resources to be able to address this properly, and that needs to be acknowledged.” Hampshire Constabulary is one police force that has recently increased the number of officers dealing with these issues, and is looking to grow its partnership with local schools. Inspector Katie Clift, of the force, said that after talking to some students it had emerged some teachers felt more comfortable than others in talking about these issues. She suggested teachers would benefit from more training when they are still studying at university.

Source: Online grooming: Mum calls on government for more help – BBC News

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