Universities told to ‘decolonise’ maths, IT and classics

Posted: 16th November 2022

Universities have been urged to “decolonise” courses including maths, computing and classics in order to teach students how colonialism and its legacy have shaped the subjects. The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, which advises universities on degree content and monitors the quality of courses, has for the first time included critical race theory in its recommendations. The guidance concerns 25 fields of study. In one example, the QAA has told universities that computing courses should address “how divisions and hierarchies of colonial value are replicated and reinforced” within the subject. Geography courses should acknowledge “racism, classism, ableism, homophobia and patriarchy”, while maths curriculums “should present a multicultural and decolonised view of mathematics, statistics and operational research, informed by the student voice” and economics students should be taught that it is “still predominantly a white, male and Western field”.

Source: Daily Express (London)   The Daily Telegraph   The Times  

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