Virtual reality helping children learn in Bedworth

Posted: 5th December 2022

Pupils in Warwickshire are swimming with sharks, visiting the Egyptian pyramids and seeing Van Gough’s paintings, all without leaving their classrooms.

Race Leys Junior School in Bedworth is using virtual reality headsets to help children learn.

They were introduced during the pandemic to simulate school trips.

However, the school said it found they boosted pupils’ performance and it now has 32 headsets, enough for a class.

The headsets were initially funded from the money that would have been used for school trips during lockdown.

Art teacher Martyn Hole said his class were using them to assess the “finer details” of a painting.

Race Leys, run by the Griffin Schools Trust, said virtual reality could also help improve vocabulary skills, as pupils are asked to describe what they see.

Source: Virtual reality helping children learn in Bedworth – BBC News

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