A Magical Start to the New Year at Steyning Grammar School

Posted: 12th January 2023

Boarding students at Steyning Grammar School in West Sussex had a magical return to school this term when they were welcomed back with a Harry Potter-themed formal dinner.

The dining hall was transformed into Hogwart’s Great Hall, with “floating” candlesticks and gold plates and cutlery.

Staff dressed up as some of the book’s favourite characters, from the school’s groundskeeper Hagrid with his dog Fang to the mysterious Professor Trelawney, Professor Snape and even Harry Potter’s arch nemesis Voldermort.

After their feast students took part in a potions class and enjoyed games and activities such as mini Quidditch and finding Dobby’s socks.

The meal marks the start of the Spring Term which sees boarding students return to Steyning from as far afield as Ghana, Antigua, Hong Kong and Dubai after visiting their families for Christmas.

Amanda Templeman, boarding house parent said: “Every year we mark the start of the Spring term with a formal dinner and we decided on a Harry Potter theme because many students learn about boarding by reading and watching Harry Potter.

“Students gave a standing ovation to the staff who had dressed up.”

The event was secretly organised by a committee of students and staff, with every student receiving a sealed invite to the dinner and a robe beforehand.

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