Tate educational material questioned

Posted: 18th January 2023

Educational material published by Tate galleries encourages teachers to “make the classroom a radical space” and use the words “they/them/their” instead of gendered pronouns and have their pupils “write and draw what they feel about their bodies, gender and sexualities”.

In resources for schools provided by the gallery, which is filled with activities designed for primary and secondary school pupils, it is suggested having pupils shout out in class what makes them “angry about gender” and tells teachers to avoid warning students about using “the wrong toilets or changing rooms”. The guide titled “Let me show you a body” was created for the Tate group by artist Linda Stupart, along with the charity Gendered Intelligence.

The Tate website states that it is intended to “support open and inclusive conversations about gender with young people” and offer “accessible artmaking activities for the gallery and classroom”.

Source:Tate galleries tell teachers to use ‘they’ pronouns and make classrooms ‘radical’ spaces (telegraph.co.uk)

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