An introduction to new TIOB Director, Gaelle Sullivan

Posted: 2nd February 2023

“Why I’m Passionate about Boarding”

As someone who has dedicated a significant part of their career to working in boarding schools, I am often asked why I am so passionate about this unique educational environment. The truth is, there are many reasons why I loved working in a boarding school, but perhaps the most significant is its incredible impact on students.

Being part of the team supporting our young people to develop a strong sense of independence and self-reliance is truly rewarding. As a member of the boarding team, we know living away from home can be challenging, but transformative. Being there for our students and supporting them to take control of their own lives, manage their time effectively, and develop important life skills will serve them well as they transition into adulthood.

I am passionate about the sense of community within boarding schools. At a boarding school, students live, work, and play together, creating a unique, close-knit community. This sense of community fosters a deep sense of belonging and connection and provides students and staff with a support network that will last a lifetime.

In becoming Director of TIOB, alongside the TIOB team, I passionately believe in supporting all who work to support the development of the practitioners at the heart of these communities – boarding staff. Our communities provide a unique set of opportunities for personal and professional growth. As a member and leader of pastoral teams I had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of students, to help shape their futures, and to be a part of their journey as they grow and develop. This experience is a rare gift, and one I am grateful and proud to have been a part of.

As we continue our journey to develop the global community of TIOB, members will have access to a full range of opportunities, including:

  • Connecting, conversing and collaborating with our diverse global network of TIOB members via our online Members’ directory – Find a Member (coming soon!).
  • Engaging and interacting with fellow members at CPD and networking events.
  • Using the TIOB post-nominals after your name.

We are thrilled you are on this journey with the TIOB community to strengthen the professionalism and learning of the experts in our schools and we look forward to collaborating, sharing insights and working together to champion and develop the important work carried out every day by the boarding practitioners in our schools.

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