4 Strategies to Prepare for a Late-Career Shift

Posted: 11th August 2023

If you’re a senior professional who has decided to change careers, how will you compete in a new field with younger competition? Will prospective employers immediately dismiss you as a candidate because you’re overqualified? The author presents four strategies to use if you’re preparing to switch gears later in your career: 1) Own your age enthusiastically; 2) Identify multigenerational connections within your network; 3) Be prepared to 10X your job search; and 4) Practice your answers to tough questions.

As both a career coach and a career-changer, I believe it’s never too late to make a professional pivot. However, if you have decades of experience under your belt, it can be daunting to contemplate starting over.

Source: 4 Strategies to Prepare for a Late-Career Shift (hbr.org)

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