Membership is paid annually and joining TIOB is easy with different levels depending on your experience.
TIOB members have the ability to use related letters after their names.

Member types

  • Supporting member STIOB (students): £50
  • Associate member ATIOB  (new to boarding or under two years’ service): £80
  • Member MTIOB (over two years’ service and serving member of boarding community):  £100
  • Fellow / Fellow Emeritus FTIOB (over 15 years’ service / retired member of boarding community): £120

Note: ABP members qualify for a 50% discount, please use code ‘ABP50’ when applying and the team will verify. TIOB members also qualify for 50% ABP discounts. 

For more information on how to join click below or email Finance and Membership Manager, Danielle Cuthbert, at