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The TIOB programme of webinars provides a flexible solution to accessing our CPD programme. Our webinars provide the opportunity to engage with training in short bursts and without travel. It is also possible to access the webinars as a recording, enabling the chance for CPD on your schedule.

  • Member rate – £65 per recording
  • Non-member rate – £130 per recording.

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2023 Archive

Autumn 2023

To request a recording of any of the below webinars, please email info@tiob.org.uk with the title of the webinar.

October webinars:

  • Preparing for Leadership conference Day 1 – Interview days: tasks, questions and presentations
    Leadership interviews naturally differ from school to school but there are many common features which we will delve into in this session. From data tasks to in-tray exercises to common questions and presentations, part 2 of our conference will provide you with examples, hints and tips to maximise your chances.
  • Preparing for Leadership conference Day 2 – Managing difficult conversations
    It would be great if, in life, we only ever met people that we liked, enjoyed being with, and found easy to get along with.
    Unfortunately, this is not the case. People are different. Some are like us, and some are very different.
    These differences can sometimes make relationships difficult, and this in turn can affect how we feel, and what we do. This makes “Managing Difficult Conversations” with people whom we live and work with challenging.What does ‘difficult’ mean?

    Our brain is our own central computer that takes in information from the world around us and gives that information meaning. However, different people interpret events and information differently. We don’t all see the same thing in the same way. This session will provide some insights into how and why Mastering the art of Difficult Conversations is important.
    In particular, by the end of the session you will be able to:
    • Understand the types of difficult conversations
    • Identify the impact of non-action
    • Understand the pitfalls when managing a difficult conversation
    • Identify key aspects that drive behaviour
    • Understand the approaches for different characters
    • Identify the steps to help you Master Difficult Conversations

September webinars:

  • Conflict management and leading staff disciplinaries and investigations
    Conflict is part for the course in every organisation. This webinar will explore how to ensure conflict is handled in a healthy way and as a means to promote creativity and progress in your team. Effective communication, active listening, negotiation and mediation are critical skills. In the second part of the webinar, we will focus on staff disciplinaries, and investigations and how to use conflict management skills in those instances.
  • Maximising team meetings: how to run meetings to get the best from your team
    Running and chairing meetings is a key part of being a school leader. Our webinar will focus on the importance of planning and preparation for successful meetings. When facilitating professional discussions, there are bound to be differing perspectives and we will cover strategies to ensure active participation and foster a culture of inclusion and collaboration. Lastly, we will use real examples about the challenges which may arise when running meetings and how to address them effectively
  • Maintaining professional distance
    With safeguarding and pastoral care of the pupils in your care being paramount to any boarding role, professional distance is essential. In the home-from-home environment of boarding where you are in loco parentis, building and maintaining appropriate relationships is critical. Our webinar will focus on ways you can establish professional boundaries while still creating rapport with pupils and those you work with. The strategies covered will support building resilience when things are tough for you and/or the boarders in your care.

Summer 2023

To request a recording of any of the below webinars, please email info@tiob.org.uk with the title of the webinar.

May webinars:

  • Marketing and Development followed by Recruiting and Retaining boarding staff
    This conference promises to ensure that individuals in boarding can reflect on their performance in a range of spheres within their role. You will be presented with a range of perspectives, support and inspiration from experts in the field. By the end of the conference, you should be able to evaluate and develop a strategic plan allowing you to be more effective and focused in your role.

Spring 2023

To request a recording of any of the below webinars, please email info@tiob.org.uk with the title of the webinar.

January webinars:

February webinars:

  • Healthy leader
    This webinar will explore the changing expectations of leadership in today’s environment.

March webinars: