Careers in Boarding

Who works in boarding?

The job that you are hoping to apply for at a school may have a number of different titles and role specifications, depending on where you apply. Below are some of the job titles you might see as you look for a post in a boarding school. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the role you are applying for and the expectations of that role before you apply. It is worth noting that in a boarding school it is not uncommon for women to work in a boys’ boarding house and visa versa. 

Head of Boarding / Director of Boarding / Deputy Head Pastoral

The senior member of staff in the school who is directly responsible for the boarding provision in the school. (Might not be residential in a boarding house).

Housemaster / Housemistress / Houseparent

The person who is responsible for the smooth running of a boarding house and has direct responsibility for the boarders in the house. They will be resident in the building.

Matron / Residential Manager

This person may have a variety of roles in the house, concerned with the day to day management of the boarders personal needs and the day to day upkeep of the premises, alongside of course a friendly ear for the boarders to go to.

Assistant Housemaster / Assistant Housemistress / Assistant Houseparent  / Deputy Housemaster / Deputy Housemistress / Deputy Houseparent

The person who will be in charge of the house when the Housemaster / Housemistress / Houseparent is off duty. In some schools they may not be resident in the building.

House tutor / Graduate Assistant

A non-senior member of staff who usually resides in the boarding house to help the boarding staff and also offer overnight cover in case of emergencies

Gap student

A junior member of staff (probably aged 18), who is employed for a year from overseas to help in the boarding house. More likely these days to be appointed to a prep school rather than a senior school.

Academic tutor / visiting tutor

A non-resident person who visits a boarding house during prep time to assist the boarders with their homework.