Job Description

The primary role of the Residential Life Educator (RLE) is to supervise the physical and emotional development of the students under his/her care.

The RLE reports to the Head of Residential Life (HRL) for all aspects of the functioning of the Boarding House. As a Team of Educators they are responsible for the welfare of the students under their charge, for the day-to-day management of the house.

As a RLE, your primary responsibility will be in the boarding house but you could be involved in some activities to support the entire Campus Life. The 2 houses are currently made up of around 100 students each, male and female, of 5 different years. The working hours will include weekends and evenings as required, with some overnight responsibility, and will also include some school holiday times where we have students on site in our activity camps. During the Summer you are required to support some of the Summer Programs. You will work for up to 40 hours a week on average with appropriate breaks. You will be expected to sleep in the free accommodation provided by the School during term time in particular when you are working, and this is also available for the holiday times even if you are not required to work, should you wish. Food is provided free whilst on duty, and there is access to the school’s extensive beautiful grounds, the sport facilities, where available for staff.

The nature of a boarding community is that the hours are sometimes long but that the job satisfaction is tremendous.  A desire to work with adolescents as part of a team of boarding staff, flexibility and a willingness to help when needed is essential!

We are seeking hard-working, adaptable applicants who are flexible and prepared to pitch in. We prefer people with a background in education, better if in an international environment, but this is also an excellent opportunity for a recent graduate in education to gain some varied experience, take some significant responsibility, and gain some new skills. There is a lively team of boarding assistants and access to a range of professional development opportunities.

All those who are offered a post at H-Farm Education are expected to be:

• Responsible for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children and young persons for whom they are responsible or come into contact with

• Supportive of and committed to the School’s policies on Child Protection, Equal Opportunities, and all other school policies and procedures as appropriate and relevant to their post.

• Mindful of the need to treat all sensitive information relating to pupils, fellow employees and the business of the School as confidential

• Mindful of the need to behave appropriately and professionally and to communicate effectively at all times with pupils, their parents, peers, other staff and members of the public.

• Aware of Indigenous and cross-cultural community needs, and sensitivities related to working in a cross-cultural environment.



• Be a visible presence in the boarding house by engaging with the students, checking the state of the student rooms, and getting to know the students on a personal level.

• Monitor stress levels, sleep habits, homesickness and other student concerns, spending informal time with the students.

• Enforce rules and expectations, and follow through with disciplinary action when necessary.

• Ensure the safety and well-being of students at all times.

• Facilitation of year group student meetings.

• Support students in evening activities (movies, informal groups, game nights, parties…)

• Supervision of the study times each evening from 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm.

• Eat evening meals with the students.


• Attend weekly meetings with all Residential Life Educators and H-ouse team in planning the Student’s Experience on Campus.

• Provide the HRL and the Team with regular updates on student behaviour.

• Follow up on student illness with the HRL, Psychologist, and parents when necessary.

• Assume supervision duties with the other boarding house Educators: 2 different rotations (Sun-Wed/Wed-Sat) are active to provide precise and useful supervision to the students.


• Morning-after school-evening checks on the presence of students.

• When on duty, be available to boarders in your care at all times and aware of their whereabouts and needs.

• Notification to Catering Manager of changing catering needs.

• Consult with the Facilities Team regarding any maintenance problems in the Boarding House.

• Encourage cleanliness in the Boarding House, giving precise indications to the cleaning team.

• Organisation of weekend activities (restaurant bookings, visits reservation, transportation) and report tickets to the administration.

• Facilitate student travel plans.

• Managing student leave applications and sign in/out sheets.

Specific requirements

• A mature and sensible manner, with attention to punctuality, appropriate dress and behaviour, competence in enforcing rules and routines.

• H-Farm is a smoke-free environment..

• You must possess enough physical fitness to carry out campus walkarounds, in all weather conditions.

• Effective time management and organisational skills, able to work autonomously.

• Enjoys working on a team to build a positive and nurturing community.

• Optimism and a “can do” attitude, calmness under pressure.


From the end of June to the end of August, Summer Camps will take place on Campus: Boarding Team provides supervision and activities for pupils, with assistance at night.

Timings: in prevalence during the week.

Daily schedule: 7.30-8.30 am and 4-11 pm, starting Sunday late afternoon until Friday morning.

A couple of the Camps can last the entire weekend.

Success Indicators and personal Development

Appropriate information and training will be provided on the work duties and on pedagogical issues (team meetings and pedagogical department at disposal); could be asked to train on safety, on first aid and on fire prevention.

Personal supervision is provided by the Head of Residential Life with regular meetings and reports about results and personal development.

Degrees and qualifications

Preferable: former boarding school experience (with qualification, i.e. BSA diplomas).

Preferable: BA in educational field.

Preferable: First Aid and/or Fire Prevention (if available).

Mandatory: driving licence (preferably with own car).

• References on request.

• Demonstrative integrity.

• Proficient in using computers.

• English as first language (or at least C1 level), a second language is greatly appreciated (Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, Russian).

Contract Type and working conditions

40 working hours per week, divided in shifts, fixed-term contract until the end of August 2023, with possibility of extension; trial period of 45 days.

You will be required to stay in campus for at least 3 or 4 days per week (nights included), with the appropriate breaks. The shifts will be either during the weekdays or during the weekend (Wed-Sat/Sun-Wed).

4 weeks paid leave: 2 weeks of holidays will be organised during the summer months, 1 during Christmas time, 1 more is available on request during the year.

Requested: residence in boarding.