The role of a boarding school nurse

Posted: 26th May 2022

School nursing conjures up images of nit checks and vaccinations! And those of you who are of an age may picture the fabulous Hattie Jacques in “carry on Matron”.

However, this role has evolved and developed unmeasurably. The 21st-century school nurse requires a broad range of clinical nursing skills, strong leadership and management, an exceptional understanding of the code, and the nine pillars of governance that epitomise high standards of nursing care.

Recently school nursing’s profile has been raised with the heightened awareness of mental illness. In boarding, the role of the nurse is evermore needed as we support young people who are away from home. Essentially, the role is to support medical conditions whether this is those with existing medical problems or those with injuries, however, there is more emphasis and need for emotional and social support alongside physical support.

As health promoters, education is a huge part of the role to prepare the young person for life after school. Depending on the size of the school the nurse may work as part of an extensive medical team or as a lone worker. In recent years there has been a need to raise the standards of medical provision within school nursing as such there is robust guidance in place to be followed to ensure good practice and to meet the needs of the young person. The school nurse provides confidentiality that enables a young person to seek support and help without judgment.

The role of the school nurse can be varied and challenging but is rewarding and  a privilege to be part of the holistic development of young people.

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