What it is really like to work in boarding?

Posted: 26th May 2022

Boarding Schools are often asked ‘What it is really like to board?’

People who have boarded look back at the sense of community and togetherness that their boarding houses fostered as well as appreciating how lucky they were to grow up in such a fun and thriving environment. Each boarding house is like a family, a group of staff and students looking after each other: helping, encouraging and simply being there when needed.

Boarding houses aim to create a home-from-home. They are at the heart of the school where lifelong friendships are made, trust is fostered, and loyalty forged. As well as strong bonds with fellow housemates the House Parents are steadfast in the care and welfare of each student. They know that only a happy, support student will truly flourish. The House Parent makes is their duty to understand the personality, talents, and aspirations of everyone in their house. This role is seen as one that is a privilege and enjoyable: seeing their students grow and flourish.

Boarding life is busy and rarely quiet but those who grasp every opportunity get the most out of this extraordinary fun way of life.

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Scottish Representative, Sue Bruce (FTIOB)

Head of PHSE and Housemistress at Fettes College

Sue Bruce is Head of PHSE and Housemistress at Fettes College. Following graduation in a BSc Hons in Geoscience at St Andrews University, and whilst I enjoyed my degree, I went on the Brunel University to do my teacher training in...

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