Three common traits of outstanding boarding professionals

Posted: 26th May 2022

Approaching twenty years of working in primary boarding education, there are three common traits of outstanding boarding professionals I have had the pleasure to observe at work:

  1. Being a champion for every single student: Building a team around every single student in our care is essential to nourish a truly inclusive, loving and nurturing environment. There is no better place for this within a boarding community, where no matter what has happened during the day, there is the opportunity to make a significant impact to a student’s life. Young people will all bring different strengths, characteristics and personalities with them, and these are all to be celebrated and promoted.
  2. Looking outwards: The very best boarding practitioners look beyond their boarding house, their school and network to bring the very best within education to them. They seek out opportunities to learn, broaden their own understanding and make connections right across the world. This, in turn, feeds straight back into the experiences of the children.
  3. Focusing on what really matters: Students will treasure the informal, yet utterly respectful, relationship with the very best boarding professionals who care for them. They will have room to make mistakes, but know that they are under the watchful eye of their ultimate role models who have a positive outlook and a sense of perspective.

The Institute of Boarding  provides the most extraordinary network and wealth of opportunities for the boarding professionals who are passionate about world class care.

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Prep Representative, William Goldsmith (MTIOB)

Head of St George's School, Windsor Castle

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