Eton College: Lord Waldegrave steps down as provost

Posted: 9th March 2023

A former Conservative cabinet minister has said he will step down from his role as provost at Eton College.

In 2024, Lord Waldegrave will retire from the role which is equivalent to Chair of the Governors.

The governors of the school, known as “fellows”, have started the process of selecting a successor to recommend to the Prime Minister who will then advise the King on the appointment.

Lord Waldegrave, who was provost for 15 years, said it had been a “privilege”.

Lord Waldegrave said he believes the “school is in very good health” under head teacher Simon Henderson and the leadership team.

“As always, the provost and fellows have had the responsibility of modernising where necessary while conserving what is vital from the past.”

He added that he was “proud” of the way Eton staff “worked to help other schools both locally and nationally during the Covid lockdowns”.

Lord Waldegrave, who was educated at Eton College and the University of Oxford, was a member of the Conservative government in the 1980s.

He held cabinet posts, including secretary of state for health, under Lady Thatcher and John Major during their time as prime minister.

Sir William Russell, chairman of the Old Etonian Association, said: “William’s tenure as provost will be remembered for the skill with which he guided the college through the last 14 years.

“His long experience of public life and his love for Eton have combined to make him the ideal provost during a period in which Eton has adapted to the challenges of the modern world whilst retaining its essential character and traditions.”

Source: Eton College: Lord Waldegrave steps down as provost – BBC News

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