Hull schools to teach cycling skills to pupils

Posted: 13th March 2023

Cycling skills are to be taught at every school in Hull to help children stay safe on the roads.

Nearly £200,000 a year has been awarded to the city from the government to pay for the training courses over the next three years.

The programme will be offered in all primary and secondary schools alongside sessions on pedestrian safety skills.

The city council said the training was “essential if we are to promote sustainable travel”.

Councillor Mark Ieronimo, portfolio holder for roads, said: “Nothing matters more than keeping our children safe on the city’s roads.

“These skills, along with those learnt through Bikeability training, are essential if we are to promote sustainable travel through modal shift.”

The scheme is the government’s cycle training programme for school children and is managed and promoted by the Bikeability Trust charity.

More than 3.6 million children nationally have received Bikeability cycle training since the programme started in 2007.

Subject to continued funding, the training in Hull could be extended for another four years.

Source: Hull schools to teach cycling skills to pupils – BBC News

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