As kids head back to school drivers urged to be more careful, especially in school zones

Posted: 14th August 2023

Students of Fort Worth ISD and Dallas ISD head back to school Monday, and that means a lot more cars will be on the road during rush hour.

To help us get through the morning and evening commutes safely we caught up with a local driving school instructor for some tips for drivers of all ages.

Bernard Goeders the co-owner of First Class Driver in Fort Worth has been teaching teens and adults how to drive for over 20 years. He stays busy all summer long with teen drivers anxious to hit the road.

“They’re anticipating having their license and they’re ready to drive to school you bet,” said Goeders.

And that can make some parents anxious.

“I tell the parent this is time,” said Goeders. “It’s time to let them go and let them be responsible.”

Profesor Bernard, as students call him, says with more people on the roads during the school year,  it’s important for teen drivers to be extra careful.

“Drive a little slower, maintain a good safe following distance,” said Goeders. “Eyes open, head up, checking your mirrors every 10 to 15 seconds, eyes in and out watching the traffic, looking at the big picture.”

He says even seasoned drivers need to be more careful, especially in school zones.

“I was telling students just yesterday they’re gonna be coming on soon, you’re gonna watch for those yellow lights you’re gonna drop your speed. There’s no tolerance in those school zones they’ll write you a ticket for one mile over,” he said.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were 746 crashes in Texas school zones in 2022, which led to 23 serious injuries. There were also more than 2300 crashes involving a school bus in Texas in 2022.

Just this past week a Frisco 10th grader was hit and killed by a driver while riding his bike to school on the first day.

“With the kids going back to school in the morning traffic’s gonna be a little heavier, especially in the school areas you gotta slow down, be patient wait your turn,” said Goeders.

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