Stop trying to do things alone

Posted: 5th September 2023

There’s only so much you will achieve on your own when it comes to your resilience and wellbeing.

This was reconfirmed to me during a resilience training session that I was delivering online this week to an awesome group of people in various roles across government, public sector and charity organisations.

A couple of people shared personal stories about their problem with people pleasing. They found it hard to say “no” and this made their lives difficult because they would take on too much and end up overwhelmed and even burnt out.

On their own, they were struggling to find a solution to this. But, they had managers who helped them. Managers who kept a caring eye on them, gave them ideas and helped them implement, managers who stepped in and became part of the solution. This support really changed their inner and outer experience of life, it helped them deal with their people pleasing problem.

See, our resilience and wellbeing is not just on us. Relationships are KEY.

Some of my toughest challenges in life have only been navigated effectively because of the people who I had standing by my side as I went through them. I give so much credit to them.

Sometimes it’s friends, sometimes family, sometime colleagues, managers, maybe even a stranger, a doctor, a helper of some kind.

I did not do hard things alone.

In fact, I COULD not do hard things alone. And nor would I want to. Because the bond we create and share when we help each other in times of struggle and deepest need, is love. And love makes life worth living.

So – reach out to others, seek help, don’t think you have to do it all by yourself.

And, give help. Be there for someone else, help and support their journey of growth and development – especially if you are in a leadership role. Not only is this a great act of service, but it will fill your heart and boost your wellbeing too.

With love ❤️



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