Truro High School for Girls Whole School Heart

Posted: 16th November 2023

This week more than 400 students and staff of Truro High School for Girls in Cornwall formed a giant heart on the school’s astroturf as part of their celebrations of World Kindness Day.

The visual statement was part of a week of Kindness-related activities at the school which will see all pupils tasked with performing acts of kindness in their communities. The girls are also taking time to reflect and write about the importance of being kind with those thoughts turned into a heart-shaped installation as the week progresses.

Wellbeing is a key part of education at the school where the entire school day is constructed around the principles of PERMA – positive mental health.

Senior Deputy Head, Katie Hinks, said: “Of all of our school values, kindness comes first.  Above all things we must be kind.  In being kind, we are all winners because not only does it feel great when someone is kind to you but you also feel wonderful when you do something kind for another person.  I am really excited to celebrate this special week in such a lovely way!”

Source – Truro High School for Girls Whole School Heart | The Boarding Schools’ Association

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