Financial Times Student Advocates – Bromsgrove school

Posted: 4th December 2023

Bromsgrove School students, Alexander Lebedev and Celia Vanderweyen have both been appointed as Financial Times Student Advocates.

As advocates, their role consists of promoting the Financial Times and their reading materials within Bromsgrove School to highlight the benefits of reading the FT and to further their understanding within Economic and Political news around the globe. This role will give Alexander and Celia experience in leadership which will enhance their skills in communications, public speaking and creativity

Celia tells us her side of why she wanted to join: I initially joined the Financial Times Advocates Programme because of my passion for both International Relations and Journalism. I believed that becoming a student advocate to represent the FT in Bromsgrove School would not only be an incredible opportunity to learn more about my areas of interest but also help me acquire new skills which would benefit me in my future career. As the two advocates in Bromsgrove School, Alex and I are engaging with the monthly tasks which consists of spreading awareness of the FT to students and teachers. So far we have put posters around the school and are encouraging all year groups to sign up to the free FT access provided by Bromsgrove.

Alexander tells us about his motivations: I joined the FT because I was always very passionate about the Business and Finance industry, and I believed that becoming an Advocate would not only improve my skills in that sphere but also help me gain valuable knowledge about different topics, meet some new people, and exit my comfort zone. Celia and I have been engaged in promoting the Financial Times by creating different activities for year groups for them to learn more about the project.

Bromsgrove School is extremely proud of this achievement and excited to see where this project takes them. School will continue to support Alexander and Celia throughout their time as advocates.

Source:Financial Times Student Advocates – Bromsgrove school | The Boarding Schools’ Association

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