How to Build Strong Teamwork

Posted: 26th January 2024

Building strong teamwork begins with trust and clear communication. When teams trust all members and communication is clear and frequent, teamwork starts to build. As a small-business owner, each team member must contribute and work well with her peers. You must encourage and recognize great teamwork and quickly resolve any disputes that might occur. Create clear and recognizable goals and objectives and always listen for feedback from your team members. Encourage cooperation and help all team members to secure all the supplies and materials they need to be successful.

  1. Create a clear goal for building teams. Craft your goals and expectations clearly and specifically. Establish frequent team meetings and other methods of communication. Plan for team-building activities and retreats. Research and create a feedback and measurement system for your teams.
  2. Build trust and openness with your employees by speaking with them often. Schedule as many one-on-one meetings as possible and actively listen to your associates. Create feedback mechanisms like surveys and focus group meetings. Be visible to your employees and model good teamwork skills.
  3. Schedule and attend team-building activities. Design your own team-building games or locate a vendor who can conduct them for you. Plan offsite meetings and dinners where you recognize outstanding team players. Establish team-building goals and be certain they are a part of all employee performance reviews.
  4. Create rewards and incentives for good teamwork. Publicize outstanding team players on your website and all internal company communications. Establish team incentive and reward programs that pay out frequently. Seek feedback from all team members and customers and constantly recognize your best team players.
  5. Implement your programs throughout your entire organization. Publicize your meetings and speak with as many associates as possible during these meetings. Create energy at these meetings and be certain team activities are a part of the launch of your program. Provide your full support and answer all employee questions.
  6. Measure and review your teamwork program often. Obtain feedback from your employees and review your measurement of the program. Adjust your program, based on feedback and measurement. Provide additional rewards and incentives as needed. Constantly communicate your teamwork goals, objectives and program.

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