DLD College London Students Shine at Media Conference

Posted: 19th February 2024

Year 13 Media Studies students from the multi-award-winning DLD College London, recently had the opportunity to attend the prestigious Media Magazine Conference at the British Film Institute, London. The conference allowed the students to access some of the industry’s top professionals, offering them valuable insights into the profession.

During the event, the students were immersed in a series of engaging talks by esteemed academics on topics such as video games, advertising and the application of media theorists to broader contexts.

A key highlight of the conference, students had the opportunity to meet Scottish satirist, writer, director, producer, performer and panellist Armando Iannucci. Armando shared insights from his illustrious career in radio, TV and film, providing invaluable inspiration for the aspiring media professionals.

Furthermore, the student’s learning experience was enriched by engaging with prominent media theorists, Peter Lunt and Sonia Livingstone. The thought-provoking debate delved into the theory of regulation in the UK media and led to a lively Q&A session. During the discussion, a DLD College London student raised a question about the implications of regulation in an era shifting rapidly towards virtual reality (VR).

Principal of DLD College London, Irfan Latif, expressed: “We are thrilled to see our Year 13 Media Studies students engage with industry experts and academics at the conference. Such experiences exemplify our commitment to providing our students with real-world insights and nurturing their passion for the industry. Interactions with professionals like Armando Iannucci and esteemed media theorists, Peter Lunt and Sonia Livingstone, create invaluable learning opportunities that will undoubtedly shape our students’ future pursuits in the field of media.”

A school of diverse thinking and influences, housed in a futuristic building with cutting-edge facilities opposite the Houses of Parliament, London is DLD’s classroom. Students aged 13 to 19 are offered the opportunity to study a wide range of GCSEs, A-Levels, BTEC courses and International Foundation Programmes (IFP). It also offers an Academic Preparation Programme (APC). In addition to a number of significant national award wins, DLD College London is also proud to be named by Tatler magazine, Good Schools Guide and Talk Education as one of the top schools in the UK.

DLD College London provides a ‘gold standard’ of educational quality. It is a school where students are respected, supported and honoured as individuals. Where they are immersed in the best possible environment to grow as successful and independent learners; where their vision can be made a reality, and where as happy and healthy people they feel free to make a contribution to the world around them, both now and into the future. The school’s beating heart is its award-winning wellbeing centre.


Source: https://www.boarding.org.uk/school-news/2024/02/16/dld-college-london-students-shine-at-media-conference/ 

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