Business leaders say structure is vital for team building

Posted: 23rd February 2024

The boss of an Inverness-based business consulting group has quizzed two of Scotland’s top entrepreneurs on the question of team building.

Speaking as a guest on ‘The Board You Can’t Afford’, the popular feature on the Go Radio Business Show, Declan Ramsey of DramCo, told Sir Tom Hunter and Lord Willie Haughey: “I work with predominantly small businesses and we’re here to provide actionable solutions to problems. We work with you to break them down into easy to digest chunks and we strongly believe that all businesses can benefit from what a clear plan can provide supported by policies and procedures. You can achieve a huge return in your business.

“I’ve noticed lots of costs are involved in procuring and building the right team.

“Would you agree that a structure, policies and procedures prior to employing would aid in cutting on-boarding costs? And what would you say about preparing a business to bring on a team for the first time?”

Sir Tom Hunter responded: “As someone who has flown off the seat of his pants most of his life, it took me until I think I was 60 to realise that structures were good.

“So I think that, far from being a maverick, have a solid structure to what you’re doing and especially around growing the business. I would definitely say that’s a good idea.

“What we do in coaching businesses that are growing is first of all we say to the entrepreneur or the founder that they’ve got to look at themselves.

“Now that might sound simple but quite a few of us entrepreneurs are not very good at.

“We can tell you what we’re good at, but we’re not quite so good at telling you what we’re not so good at. However you’ve got to have an honest scorecard. And if you get that scorecard right, then it helps with building your team helps because you choose the right type of person. You don’t recruit people who look like you because that usually ends in disaster.

“You recruit to your weaknesses, if you’re trying to build this team. So I could be a great salesman, but I’m not so good in the numbers, so I need the FD . . . but I need an FD who can work with me.

“Building the right team is the most important thing any entrepreneur can doå but it starts with them!”

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