April 2024: Building your team for success

Posted: 3rd May 2024

Source: (12) April 2024: Building your team for success | LinkedIn

A key priority for leaders is the need to create teams that will help their organizations turn strategy into positive results.

But expressing the aim is one thing, actually achieving it is quite another.

The latest edition of our Empowering Leaders newsletter includes articles offering advice and guidance on how to build an effective team — including questions CEOs can consider when developing teams to strengthen business performance — and an article looking at how boards around the world are evolving their composition.

Global boards are wrestling with an expanding agenda of complex and challenging topics that need attention. Our latest edition of Boards Around the World examines how they compare on composition, gender diversity and more.

A complete and aligned executive team significantly increases the odds that a CEO will deliver their agenda in the critical first 12 months. Here are seven tips for building clarity and taking action on the top team to accelerate performance.

To successfully navigate and lead in a highly complex and turbulent business environment, a CEO needs to actively develop a team that can create a step change in business performance. We’ve identified three steps all CEOs should consider.

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